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The Rules Explained of Fantasy Racing And KO Challenges

Knock Out Challenge Rules

Lowest earner on any given day eliminated

**NB The leader board will show the overall position of the Challenge but does NOT necessarily reflect the Stable in danger of elimination for the day,this will be reflected on the KO Daily Result Board where, at the completion of the day's race meeting/meetings the smallest earner on the daily KO result board will be eliminated, irrespective of the stables position on the Overall Challenge Board.

IE: The overall leader could be eliminated should they have the lowest earnings on any given day!!!

5 days immunity available in April for each stable with a maximum of 2 days in any week.(Saturday to Friday)

In May the immunity option falls away and the rebuy option will remain in place until Friday 5th May thereafter it becomes sudden death with lowest earner/earners eliminated.

So utilize your immune days wisely

Immunity for the day must be declared to George or Michelle before the 1st race of the day, all players will be advised of players under immunity on any given day.

Unlimited **rebuys back into the Main Challenge are available for April with a deposit into your Betfred account of R100 or more required to trigger your re-entry.

Stake Earnings Explained:

Stakes in FB (Fred Bucks)

Maiden Races:
1st: FB400 2nd: FB200 3rd: FB100 4th: FB50

Winners Race:
1st: FB500 2nd: FB300 3rd: FB200 4th FB100

Once you have purchased your Trainers license your stable wallet will be credited with GB5000 (GB=Grid Bucks) this you will use to pay acceptance fees for the horses that you choose to represent your stable at any given meeting/s, The Acceptance fee amount will vary in accordance to the opening betting but will not be adjusted should your horse shorten or drift.

Should you have any queries regarding our T's and C's please contact us (fantasy@formgrids.co.za) or Whatsap us on

083-984-2720 and we will gladly assist you.

T's & C's

  1. Only 10 horses per stable per day are allowed, entering more than 10 will result in your stable being removed from all challenges that they are competing in for the day.
  2. To avoid disappointment please take care when nominating, a counter is provided on your nomination page to help you avoid this error.
  3. Unless otherwise notified Rule 1 is not applicable should there be a double meeting on any given day, when double meetings occur your stable can nominate 20 runners between both meetings and the split is at the sole discretion of each trainer ie: you can have runners at either or both meetings as long as you do not nominate more than 20 runners between both race meetings on the day.
  4. Nominations Close 5 minutes before each race.
  5. NB All nominated horses that are scratched will be subject to a full refund of nomination fees.
  6. NB: While we endeavor to have nominations available a day prior to the meeting this cannot be guaranteed but will always be available not later than 6am on race day.
  7. The Monthly Challenge Results will be used for the seeding of Trainers for challenges going forward in order to give all players a fair chance of winning prizes.
  8. All trainers fees must be paid on or before 5pm on the last working day of the preceding Month you wish to enter(Mon-Fri)

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