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Team Leaderboard - Team Challenge ##4
Status: Completed Start: 2024-05-26 End: 2024-05-31 Type: Team Earnings Total
Fred Bucks
1The Inside Track48 400.00
2The Trexcellent Racing Team47 900.00
3Clinical Strikers47 500.00
4The Elite Squad47 400.00
5*****5 Star*****43 450.00
6K-Racing Investments42 500.00
7GoYouGoodThings42 200.00
8The Green Light Gang39 850.00
9The Brave Hearts39 750.00
10Speedy Bullets38 350.00
11Cartel Syndicate37 900.00
12Fire & Ice37 900.00
13Woman Rulzzz!31 750.00
14JJ's Jetplanes29 200.00
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